21 Jan A pleasure to deal with!

It was a genuine pleasure working with Linda Rea during the listing and sale of our home. Having interviewed four other realtors prior to selecting Linda, it was very clear that she is a leader in terms of organization skills, market knowledge, negotiation skills.

Several highlights of our experience with the Linda Rea team are as follows:

1. Linda has a full team of contributors backing her up, and ensuring that the process moves swiftly and effectively. We were always able to quickly make connections with a member of the team when necessary to address a specific issue.

2. Linda’s knowledge of the market was never more obvious than when she coached us on what selling price to assign to our home. The price was $15-20,000 higher than what we felt was achievable, but we put our faith in Linda’s knowledge, and it paid off.

3. Originally, we had intended to complete a number of repairs and improvements to our home before listing. Linda was very passionate in convincing us to get the house on the market as quickly as possible. She understood that the market was hot, and we needed to enter into the market before demand cooled off. As she had suggested, we had enough time to complete the desired upgrades after execution of the selling agreement but prior to closing. This proved to be a very wise move, as we were the benefactors of a very active market.

3. We listed our home on a Friday afternoon. Over the weekend, no fewer than 22 prospective buyers viewed our home. By Monday morning we had 2 viable offers, and several pending offers. We met with Linda, and she helped to guide us through the process of selecting the best offer.

4. Signficantly, the winning offer was for $5,000 MORE than list price, further validating her ability to “read” the tempo of the market.

WE would summarize our experience with Linda as follows:

1. She made a sometimes very complex process relatively easy and straightforward.

2. Her knowledge of home values and the current state of the marketplace helped us to select and appropriate selling prices, and obtain a price that was more than what we would have expected.

3. The entire process was clean, quick, and exceeded our expectations.

We would close by saying that it is always a pleasure to deal with a “true professional” that knows their business inside and out. This perfectly describes Linda Rea, and the entire Linda Rea Team.

Brad Hicks

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